About ABC Pumps

ABC Pumps focus on offering high quality products and services to resellers around South Africa. ABC Pumps sell everything you need for water movement, from fittings, pipes and water meters to large centrifugal, circulating, borehole and solar pumps, and accessories. ABC Pumps believe in selling solutions.

The added value of ABC Pumps has always been, knowing when to combine valuable experience and tradition with the quest for technological innovation. These challenges have been overcome thanks to the commitment of internal resourses, the constant care of client relations and reliable supplier affiliations.

ABC Pump’s vision is to provide fluid management innovated solutions to South Africa by delivering savings and certainty for households, businesses, farms, and the environment. ABC Pumps strive to provide fast and efficient client service, to provide the latest technology available to lead clients to buying the best product for their needs.

ABC Pumps has grown along with its employees and suppliers over the years, developing a clear and unambiguous identity and providing complete, reliable and efficient service. We have always invested a lot and we want to continue to do so. In the moments of aggregation with our clients, we want to create not only a professional environment but also a friendly one, forming a team that pursues a common objective.

ABC Pumps have now grown to be one of the largest suppliers of DAB, CRI, KSB and more, throughout Southern Africa, and recently also introduced our own line of reliable pumps, with stock inventory located at all branches, making deliveries to customers extremely fast. ABC Pumps has delivery service to our customers through all the provinces and provide excellent after sales services. We have repair and test facilities to provide after sales back-up for our products in all our main branches.

At ABC Pumps, the relationship with the client is not only essential, but it is also a virtuous model that keeps and maintains solid client relationships. When you choose ABC Pumps, you also choose the company, its continued support, communication and co-operation to achieve total client satisfaction and service.


Matt Le Roux (CEO) started in the industry in his early 20’s and worked his way up, gaining knowledge of the industry and its products as it evolved. He gained experience in a wide spectrum of the industry, i.e. water irrigation, borehole pumps, solar pumps, Agricultural, Sewage, Food, Mining etc…

In 2007 he decided to leave the corporate pump industry and start his own small company with 2 staff members in Port Elizabeth. He started with a small product profile, but was determined to make his mark in the pump industry.

With hard work and dedication the Company showed great growth in turnover and revenue. Over the years Matt added sales representatives with experience and knowledge of the industry, as well as gained some wholesale Agencies and built up a healthy and strong relationship with these suppliers over the years.

In 2016 ABC Pumps started importing their own borehole pump brand called ABC Aqua.